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Rinco Ultrasonics

RINCO ULTRASONICS has developed and built ultrasonic welding machines and ultrasonic generators as well as components, horns and tools to high standards of quality and precision for ultrasonic welding or ultrasonic cutting of plastics, packaging and synthetic textiles and for ultrasonic cutting of food products since the company was established in 1976.

Specializing in:

  • Ultrasonic assembly of rigid thermoplastic components
  • Cutting and sealing of synthetic textiles
  • Welding and cutting of film and fleece
  • Ultrasonic cutting of food products

Use of ultrasonic welding in the thermoplastic industry

Thermoplastics occur in a multitude of kinds and shapes and are found in various products. Thus the application of ultrasonic welding technology is just as multifaceted. It hold its ground in all imaginable technical areas where plastics are processed in any kind or used as components.

In our every day life there is nearly no object where the technology of ultrasonic welding is not applied.
Listed below are a few market segments where our knowledge of ultrasonic assembling technology is used successfully.

  • Medical devices
  • Electrical/electronic assembly
  • Automotive industry
  • Audio and video industry
  • Home appliances
  • Household equipment
  • Toy industry
  • Packaging industry

You can learn more about ultrasonic welding in ultrasonic welding explained

For more information on Rinco Equipment please visit their website. Enquiries made on the Rinco site will be forwarded directly to Sabre. We endeavour to reply as soon as possible.